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Ride Along Dolly Attach to Bike Water Bottle



Product Features

Bike Water Bottle for Kids - 100% BPA Free and Easy to Attach to Any Bike . Riding a bike is hard work, and bound to get anyone really thirsty. Bling up your bike with this awesome, 100% BPA free Kids Water Bottle. If you haven't noticed, its impossible to find a bike water bottle made for kids. This bottle can go with your child on any trip, is compact in design, and easily attached to your bike frame in minutes.

  • 100% BPA Free
  • Easily attaches to the frame of your childs bike
  • No-Slide pads are included so weight with liquid wont make your bottle slide unwanted directions
  • Kid's bike bottles are hard to find.. now its easy!
  • From the makers of the best selling Ride Along Dolly Bike seat!